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Take a Closer look at Surkh Saffron

We at Surkh Saffron provide 100% Pure Natural Saffron straight from the farms. Our saffron is ‘Not’ Hand Processed and is absolutely untouched so that the saffron remains as close to nature as possible. The only time a human element is involved in our saffron is while plucking the flower from the saffron plant – Crocus Sativus”.

Saffron is majorly judged on 4 parameters :

  1. Moisture – Defines the thickness and length of Filaments
  2. Crocin – Measures the colouring Strength
  3. Picrocrocin – Measures the flavouring strength i.e bitterness or taste
  4. Safranal – Measures the Aroma in Saffron

Our Saffron qualifies for Grade-1 on all the above mentioned parameters. Our Saffron goes through a thorough quality check before reaching your hands.


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Customers Reviews

Surkh saffron was a very Good qaulity. And packing was also very protective and Good, used a Bubble wrapper .. Its totally very good.. Over all my ratings to this product 4.5/5.. Thanks to surkh saffron.🙏
Ravikiran Gaurav

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Among so many brands this one is good. The color Aroma and fragrance are very nice
Geeta Lakshmi