Surkh Saffron is supplied to a variety of industries like Pharma Industry, Mithai (Indian sweets) Industry, Tobacco Industry, and many more. There are many grades in Saffron on the basis of sorting. The more red, the better. The best among all the variants is called “Super Negin” followed by Negin, Pushal. The Bunch is sought for its unique packing. If you are looking for the fresh crop and any particular variant, you can get in touch with us for the same.     







Surkh Saffron is very popular among people and is one of the highest and fastest selling brands online. We have strong presence on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Qtrove. We have strong distribution network in Southern parts of India and are on a lookout for expansion. All the sizes are listed in our products section, ranging from 1 gram to 50 grams. The blister pack comes in a packed box of 20 pieces. The glass premium packing comes in a tray of minimum 50 pieces. 




Surkh Saffron is supplied to the HoReCa Industry which essentially covers Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Caterers. Keeping the convenience of procurement team in mind, we supply Surkh Saffron in blister packs. The blister pack comes in a packed box of 20 pieces. It comes in a pack of 1 gram and half gram. It is, then, easy for the managers to keep a count and avoid any spillage or mishandling of any sort. Our saffron is absolutely loved and acknowledged by the veteran chefs who know even the minutest details of saffron. Hence, we take a lot of pride in our untouched and pure saffron. If you are looking for samples and check for yourself, contact us.


Private Labels

The quality of our saffron is attested by many. Hence, we also pack our saffron under the private labels of other brands. We take care of all the packaging and labeling needs related to container, stickers, and its sealing. If you are looking for any such opportunity to sell under your brand name, all you have to provide us is your design and brand name and the quantity. Rest is taken care of by us.